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Armful of Books

2024 - 2025 Steering Committee

Office Manager:                  Greg A
Volunteer Coordinator:          Bob H.

Committee Chairperson:       Anne B.

Co-Chairperson:                  Molly M
Secretary:                           Digger A
Media Coordinator:             Andrew T

Committee Member:            Alex M
Committee Member:            James M.
Committee Member:            Harold

Non-Profit Business Dedicated to Alcohol Recovery & Resources
Located in Appleton, Wisconsin

Fox Valley Central Office is a volunteer run bookstore and recovery office servicing the Fox Cities area in northeast Wisconsin.  Their goal is provide a location to purchase literature and other items, support the local AA hotline and meetings, and individuals seeking recovery.

The FVCO is open to the public and any individual (whether seeking recovery or not) is welcome.  The store is open 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday.  It is closed on some holidays, so call us at (920) 997-0221 if you would like to confirm.

The FVCO is run by two types of committees. 


The Steering Committee runs the day-to-day operations.  They are responsible for ensuring the volunteer staff is informed & reliable, all monies are accounted for, bills are up-to-date, literature is stocked, and office is managed in a reasonable manner.

The Group Representative Committee act as a check and balance.  They oversee the Steering Committee and have the ultimate authority of major decisions and electing committee members.

All AA groups in the Fox Cities and surrounding area have a right to a representative.  They are appointed, or voted in, by their own groups, and they attend 4 Group Rep meetings per year.

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